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Services Provided By Natural Stone Cleaning & Restoration PROS in BEAUFORT

Stone cleaning and restoration service providers are specially trained to clean, polish and restore natural stone such as marble, limestone, granite and travertine that has been worn or damaged. Most will also have the training and skill to repair chips, cracks, bad seams and lippage. Many offer refinishing services as well, changing a polished finish to honed/matte or vice versa.

Stone Cleaning and Restoration Services FAQs

Following are some of the most common questions regarding Stone Cleaning and Restoration services.

What is Stone Restoration?

Despite their hardness and durability, natural stone is not impervious to damage. Dullness created from fine scratches and etching, as well as deep scratches and other damage, may occur through years of everyday use, despite routine cleaning and care. Professionally trained stone restoration technicians use a variety of specialized equipment and techniques to repair, hone and polish natural stone, leaving it in a like-new state.

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What is Stone Refinishing?

Marble, granite and most other natural stone can be finished to a matte, medium sheen, or high gloss finish. The finish can be restored to like new or changed from one to another as well. Some natural stone restoration service providers may also offer decorator finishes, such as an antiqued leather appearance.

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My Marble Floors Are Looking Dingy. Do I Need Stone Cleaning?

Many people will call stone restoration companies asking for stone cleaning services because their marble floor has lost its original deep shine. Deep cleaning of natural stone is a service stone restoration contractors provide, but more than likely restoring the pristine look of your marble or other natural stone floors more than likely cannot be achieved with cleaning only. When your floors or other surfaces have become dull and dingy looking, they are probably due for restoration, not cleaning. This is not a service a typical cleaning or janitorial company will be able to offer. This can only be done by a qualified stone restoration technician.

With that said, proper cleaning—using the right products and techniques—are important to use to prevent damage. Be sure to talk to your technician about which products and techniques to use.

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I Have Granite Countertops That Need To Be Cleaned and Sealed. Is This Something That a Stone Restoration Contractor Can Help With?

Yes. In fact, your stone restoration contractor is the best person to call for this. They can clean, polish, make repairs, and seal your granite countertops to leave them protected. Your stone restoration contractor will also recommend the frequency of service to keep your countertops looking great and staying that way for a lifetime.

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What Kind of Countertop Repairs Can a Stone Restoration Contractor Make?

Countertops that have been chipped or cracked can be repaired by a qualified stone restoration contractor. Many bad seams can be repaired or improved greatly. Etching and other surface damage can be honed and polished. Stains can be treated.

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What is Stone Sealing?

Natural stone is by nature porous. Proper sealing with an impregnating sealer plugs the holes so staining agents are not able to penetrate and leave a stain behind. Sealing is the best way to protect marble, granite, travertine and other natural stone from staining. Sealers do not protect marble and other calcite based stone from etching. New topical treatments are available to protect marble from etching. This is a very specialized service and can be very expensive.

Your stone technician will have the expertise to determine if your stone should be sealed and which type of sealer best suits your needs.

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What Do Enhancing Sealers Do?

Some sealers for stone are created to do more than just protect from stains. For example, an enhancing sealer is designed to protect the stone but also to give it a wet look (not glossy, but deepened colors). If you like the way your stone colors look when it is wet, enhancing sealer may be what you are looking for. It is always best to have enhancing sealer applied by a professional, experienced technician as improperly applied enhancing sealer can result in other problems.

What is Etching?

Etching appears as a dull, whitish mark. Etching is commonly mistaken as a watermark. It is caused by the stone coming in contact with acidic substances like fruit juice, wine or lemons. It is important to immediately wipe up these types of spills, especially on marble, before the etching sets in. Minor etching on polished marble surfaces can often be removed with a premium quality Etch Remover / Marble Polish. More severe etching or larger areas must be professionally repaired by a stone technician.

How Much Does it Cost to Have Stone Restored?

Restoration services in beaufort are not cheap, but may not be as expensive as you may think, and restoration is always much less expensive than replacement.

Stone restoration costs in beaufort are determined on a case-by-case basis. Although square footage is one factor, other factors, such as the condition and type of stone play a factor in the overall time required to complete the restoration project. For this reason, firm quotes always require an on-site visit to evaluate the project. Most stone restoration companies offer on-site estimates for free.

When selecting a stone restoration contractor, don't let price be your only consideration. It is important to be choosy and look for a qualified stone restoration expert in beaufort to protect your investment in natural stone. Ben Franklin's sage words on quality ring especially true when it comes to caring for your natural stone: "The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

How Long Does it Typically Take to Have Stone Restored?

The time it takes to restore your marble or other natural stone varies greatly depending on the type of stone, the size of the area to be serviced, and the issues that need to be resolved. When your stone restoration technician in beaufort visits the property they will be able to give you an estimated time frame. Do keep in mind that unlike having your carpets cleaned, for example, stone restoration can take several days.

What Should I Expect When the Job is Done?

When yourmarble, granite, travertine, limestone or other natural stone has been restored to like new, the technician should provide you with proper care instructions. They may recommend certain products to use and leave you with a list of do's and don'ts to keep your newly restored floors looking great.

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