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  1. remove travertine tiles Q. I have to do a repair around a jetted tub set in 12" travertine tile landing. All the tiles are set in grout. Is there a way to dissolve the grout & save the tiles? Thanks, Tom--A. Hi Tom, There is a risk factor involved with this task. O... Read More
  2. Hard water stains in shower Q. We moved into a new house 6 months ago that has a shower stall made with 4x4 tumbled travertine tiles. We live in Phoenix where the water is pretty hard and the stone is getting a hazy white appearance to it most likely from the hard water. We wer... Read More
  3. Urine on polished marble near toilet Q. What product of yours will enchance and remove yellow urine stains around toilet...without...having a professional come in? A. This is a question we get quite a bit... well, except for the how to enhance urine stains part. By the way, we don't se... Read More
  4. Stone Myths Stone Myths By Frederick M. Hueston Over the past 20years I have heard many stories about the reasons stone will fail, turn color, fade or what ever. Many of these stories are funny and almost all of them are just plain fals... Read More
  5. Black Granite Fading - Doctored Stone Black Granite Fading By Frederick M. Hueston I have received numerous calls lately concerning the fading of black granite countertops. The most common complaints seem to be on Absolute Black, Black Galaxy, Zimbabwe Black and a few others. I have... Read More
  6. How can I get grout color stains out of my tumbled marble tiles? Q. We tiled our backsplash with tumbled marble subway tiles. We DIDN'T seal the tiles first (DUMB MOVE). Then we grouted half the kitchen and found that not only did we hate the grout color but it colored our light tumbled marble stones a yellow... Read More
  7. How can I remove mud stains from Travertine patio? Q. Hi! We have outdoor noce travertine - unsealed - on our pool patio deck. We had a "dog party" last week and one dog loved to swim. He repeatedly jumped in our pool and then ran through our plant beds, tracking mud all over our travertine. The mud ... Read More
  8. Marble Top now has rings where glasses were Q. We recently bought a polished marble top bar for our rec room. My daughter had some friends over and the glasses (probably had soda in them) they placed on top of the marble left ring marks on the marble. Obviously the marble has not been sealed, ... Read More
  9. Juice Stain on Pietra Cardosa Q. Hi, there are gray spots where lime juice spattered on my pietra cardosa counters. How can these spots/stains be removed? A. What you are describing are etch marks as a result of the acid from the juice. If the damage is very severe, you'll need ... Read More
  10. My son spilled apple juice on my new limestone floor and now there are marks. Can this be fixed? Q: My son spilled apple juice on my new limestone floor and now there are marks. Can this be fixed? A: Limestone is extremely sensitive to acids and most likely the dull spots are where the acids in the apple juice have now etched the stone. Lim... Read More
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