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  1. How do I care for my newly installed floors? The best thing to have done to a brand-new polished stone floor is a detailing job by a properly trained janitor, or a professional stone refinisher. Detailing means deep-cleaning the floor virtually square inch by square inch, removing all possible ... Read More
  2. Membrane for cracked tile replacement? Q: Hello, I have a problem with a few cracked ceramic tiles in an entryway. The tiles have cracked due to cracks (mostly hairline) in the concrete foundation. I have heard of some kind of membrane material that can be used when such cracked tiles are... Read More
  3. How can we remove soap scum and fix marble chips on marble sink? Q: We have two marble bathroom bowls that have soap scum on them. The bowls also have some chips on the surface. A: A good quality soap scum remover should be able to solve the problem (assuming the problem is, in fact, soap scum), but th... Read More
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