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  1. What daily cleaners are available for my stone? Q: I'm trying to determine what products to purchase for a travertine shower with pepple floor, and a marble countertop. How often is stone-safe cleanser intended to be used? And what is the difference between pH neutral cleaner and other stone ... Read More
  2. How to remove calcium build-up on headstone Q: How would I get rid of calcium buildup on a headstone? The primary surface is polished and where the engraving is it is rough. The calcium from the hard water has caused a buildup, especially in the rough area. What should I use to get the ca... Read More
  3. PORCELAIN TILE CLEANING With Heavy Buildup of Soap Scum Q. I have 2" x 2" porcelain tiles for my shower floor. It accumulates a dark soap scum, etc. sticky buildup that is hard to remove. A regular scrub brush does not cut through to clean the tile. What products/tools are the best and safest to use. I wa... Read More
  4. Hard water stains in shower Q. We moved into a new house 6 months ago that has a shower stall made with 4x4 tumbled travertine tiles. We live in Phoenix where the water is pretty hard and the stone is getting a hazy white appearance to it most likely from the hard water. We wer... Read More
  5. What is the best way to remove excess traverfill from tile? Q. Travertine floor was cleaned and holes filled w/ dia-glo traverfill. I used razor blade but what is the best way to remove the excess that got on tile? Just buff out then hone and seal? Thanks! A. If the travertine is polished you can polish with... Read More
  6. How can I get grout color stains out of my tumbled marble tiles? Q. We tiled our backsplash with tumbled marble subway tiles. We DIDN'T seal the tiles first (DUMB MOVE). Then we grouted half the kitchen and found that not only did we hate the grout color but it colored our light tumbled marble stones a yellow... Read More
  7. Help! My cleaning lady spilled diluted bleach or something that etched my crema marfil marble. Q. Help! I think my new cleaning lady might have accidentally applied diluted bleach (but I'm not sure) to my crema marfil countertop. It has a white film and seems to have lightened the color of the countertop in some parts. Is there anything I can ... Read More
  8. We are installing 12 X 12 travertine in a bathroom. Can you recommend sealer and cleaning products? Q. We are installing 12 X 12 travertine in a bathroom. Can you recommend sealer and cleaning products? A. Travertine is a great choice for your bathroom. I would like you to download and read our Stone Care Guide. It will answer all of your que... Read More
  9. How can one remove hard water deposits (probably from calcium) from granite? Q: How can one remove hard water deposits (probably from calcium) from granite (specifically Emerald Pearl)? A: We suggest that you first try a soap film remover, available at Stone Care Central. It's a favorite of our Pros. They ... Read More
  10. How should I perform routine maintenance for my granite countertops? Granite Countertops will give you a lifetime of easy to maintain elegance if you use the right products -- and don't use the wrong products -- and follow some simple guidelines. It is always best to use quality products designated safe for natural st... Read More
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