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  1. limestone tile cleaner Q. What is the best cleaner to use on limestone floors? The floors in my bathroom are starting to look very dirty, with grayish marks and spots all over. A. It sounds like your floors have been etched -- probably by using an acid based cleaner.... Read More
  2. Powdery residue on limestone despite many washings Q. Our installer grinded off the top layer of our limestone floor and since then we have repeated powdery residue on limestone despite numerous washings and sealings/impregnatings. Why is this and can this be fixed as I don't want to have white powde... Read More
  3. Solution for Stains on new limestone floor Q. I bought lagos azul limestone back in December and it is getting installed in sections. I would greatly appreciate it if you could help me. I am hoping you might know a solution or can refer me to someone. My kitchen contractor installed the tile ... Read More
  4. is there any harm in not having my limestone floor restored right away? Q. is there any harm in not having my limestone floor restored right away?A. If you are considering restoration, the cost would be a lot less to fix a small area than waiting until the entire floor is in need of work.    ... Read More
  5. My son spilled apple juice on my new limestone floor and now there are marks. Can this be fixed? Q: My son spilled apple juice on my new limestone floor and now there are marks. Can this be fixed? A: Limestone is extremely sensitive to acids and most likely the dull spots are where the acids in the apple juice have now etched the stone. Lim... Read More
  6. How do I remove etching on limestone from cat urine? Q: How can I remove etching that has formed on my Lagos Azul floor from cat urine? I cleaned it up pretty quickly but I see etching. A: Etching is the result of any acid coming into contact with the stone. Unfortunately the only way t... Read More
  7. How to Remove Pickling Vinegar Stain on Flagstone Q. My pickling vinegar bottle (7 percent acidic) leaked on my flagstone (limestone?) floor. I made a paste of baking soda and applied after washing the floor with Marbalex stone floor cleaner. I let the paste sit for the afternoon to no avail. I woul... Read More
  8. Stone polish dried in grout Q: I have a Limestone tile and someone let the polish dry in the grout. How can I remove the polish from the grout? The grout was not sealed. The product was granquartz stone polish. A: Try applying a neutral cleaner to the grout where the... Read More
  9. Product Recommendation for Routine Cleaning of Natural Stone Shower Q. We have a new home with black limestone in the master bathroom shower. I am looking to make a DIY cleaner for routine cleaning of the stone. Do you have a recipe or suggestion of products to use to make the cleaner? A. DIY cleaners can be problem... Read More
  10. How To Remove Vinegar Stains On Natural Stone Q. I put extremely microwaved hot vinegar and water on my natural stone and let it sit there, thinking it would clean it, but it discolored the stone badly. I imagine the only answer is to replace those tiles. What are your thoughts?  ... Read More
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