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  1. Spa Tile Restoration Q: I had my ceramic tiles acid washed with a mix of 2 parts muriatic acid and 2 parts water. It cleaned up heavy clacification but tiles remain smokey and cloudy. Do I have options to improve the finish other than polishing? Would... Read More
  2. How to Remove Lemonade Stain From Marble Q. I have marble tabletop with a large lemonade stain. I found you via YouTube, and am having difficulty locating your app by name search. Thank you for helping me and so many people out there with stone staining issues. A. Thanks for contacting us. ... Read More
  3. How to Remove a Rust Stain on Stone Q. I randomly stumbled on your website. I have a quick question if you’re willing to share advice. I have marble (or it’s quartzite) in my bathroom, and somehow it’s rusting where the faucet is. The stone is changing a rust color. I... Read More
  4. How to Remove Vinegar Stain on Marble and Limestone Q. I believe I have spill marks of vinegar and also some cleaning solution that stained my marble and limestone floors. I need help in which poultice to use.   A. Marble and limestone are calcium-based stones, which means they are sensitive to acids... Read More
  5. How to Remove Miracle Grow Stain on Granite Q. There is a discoloration on my granite from where I suspect Miracle Grow leaked through the planter pot. The granite finish is still perfectly smooth. How do I remove this stain? The stain is the same color as the Miracle Grow. A Miracle Grow repr... Read More
  6. How to Remove Vinegar Stain on Mosaic Tile Q. I was reading your Stain Management Application about cleaning vinegar stains, and in the types of stains on the left, vinegar is not listed. I was hoping you could clarify what poultice and method to use. Vinegar diluted with water was us... Read More
  7. How to Remove Pickling Vinegar Stain on Flagstone Q. My pickling vinegar bottle (7 percent acidic) leaked on my flagstone (limestone?) floor. I made a paste of baking soda and applied after washing the floor with Marbalex stone floor cleaner. I let the paste sit for the afternoon to no avail. I woul... Read More
  8. How to Remove Wax From Bluestone Q. How do I remove a candle wax stain on bluestone? A. Here are the full instructions for candle wax stains: To remove candle wax that melted into the pores of the stone: Use a hot clothing iron (preferably one you don’t mind getting wax on) ... Read More
  9. Can Acrylic Be Stripped Off Marble Floors? Q. Can acrylic be stripped off marble floors? A. Yes, acrylic or any sort of topical coating can be stripped off of a marble floor. However, the process can be problematic, so it is not advisable to attempt this as a DIY project. Stripper, used impro... Read More
  10. How to Remove an Etch Mark Caused by Lime Juice on Bluestone Q. Some lime juice got spilled on my Bluestone table top and it left a big dull spot. Is there anything I can do to bring back the shine?   A. Maybe. If the etch is severe (deep to the point that it looks and feels rough), then you will need to hi... Read More
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