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  1. How to remove stain on bathroom stone tiles Q. I hired a cleaner and she used limeaway with mold control from Clorox. And it appeared to have left white stains in my bathroom stone tiles. These don‘t wash away with water. What should I do? A. Unfortunately, this is not a stain that you a... Read More
  2. How to remove white spots on marble Q. I recently washed the mirrors about the marble or granite tiles with vinegar. Now there are spots on the tiles. Is there a way to remove these? It feels a little rough on the top of the spots as if the coating came off a bit. What can I do? A. T... Read More
  3. Etched Travertine Dining Room Table Q: We have a travertine dining room table. One of our cats got sick on it the other night. The next morning when we cleaned up the vomit, because of the acid in his stomach, it left a small stain about the size of a dollar bill. Is there a way to pol... Read More
  4. How to Remove Copper Stains on Limestone Q. I am making some improvements to an 87 yr old building with limestone floors. There are some copper stains on the limestone, caused by some moisture and the copper lights bleeding. Please tell me how to clean up this stain. A. Use a soft brush an... Read More
  5. How to Remove Lemonade Stain From Marble Q. I have marble tabletop with a large lemonade stain. I found you via YouTube, and am having difficulty locating your app by name search. Thank you for helping me and so many people out there with stone staining issues. A. Thanks for contacting us. ... Read More
  6. How to Remove a Rust Stain on Stone Q. I randomly stumbled on your website. I have a quick question if you’re willing to share advice. I have marble (or it’s quartzite) in my bathroom, and somehow it’s rusting where the faucet is. The stone is changing a rust color. I... Read More
  7. How to Remove Vinegar Stain on Marble and Limestone Q. I believe I have spill marks of vinegar and also some cleaning solution that stained my marble and limestone floors. I need help in which poultice to use.   A. Marble and limestone are calcium-based stones, which means they are sensitive to acids... Read More
  8. Product Recommendation for Routine Cleaning of Natural Stone Shower Q. We have a new home with black limestone in the master bathroom shower. I am looking to make a DIY cleaner for routine cleaning of the stone. Do you have a recipe or suggestion of products to use to make the cleaner? A. DIY cleaners can be problem... Read More
  9. How to Remove Vinegar Stain on Mosaic Tile Q. I was reading your Stain Management Application about cleaning vinegar stains, and in the types of stains on the left, vinegar is not listed. I was hoping you could clarify what poultice and method to use. Vinegar diluted with water was us... Read More
  10. Will solvent remove grout haze on porcelain tile? Q. Is there a solvent that can be used to safely remove years old grout haze from porcelain tile? I can provide more information as you need. Thank you. A. For standard grout, you will need an acid-based grout cleaner. For epoxy grout, then a stron... Read More
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