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  1. What is the proper grout for exterior limestone walkway? Q. What is the proper grout for an exterior limestone walkway? Is there a dry grout that can be swept between the stone? Where would I look for stonedust? A. The proper grout will depend on how the stone is set. Will it be set in mortar or placed o... Read More
  2. How to remove white spots on marble Q. I recently washed the mirrors about the marble or granite tiles with vinegar. Now there are spots on the tiles. Is there a way to remove these? It feels a little rough on the top of the spots as if the coating came off a bit. What can I do? A. T... Read More
  3. limestone tile cleaner Q. What is the best cleaner to use on limestone floors? The floors in my bathroom are starting to look very dirty, with grayish marks and spots all over. A. It sounds like your floors have been etched -- probably by using an acid based cleaner.... Read More
  4. What do I use to reattach glass mosaic tiles? Q. I have installed a stained glass wall and pond. The mosaic sits on a mortar base, redguard sealer, then more mortar to level the surface. The glass mosaic is put up with latacrete. All of this is put on to a 8 x 16 block wall. One side is peeling ... Read More
  5. Is there any way to get glue stains out of terrazzo? Q. Is there any way to get glue stains out of terrazzo?A. Unfortunately, no. The only possibility would be to try poulticing the stains with a potent paint stripper based on Methylene Chloride. But the quantity of the stuff involved would permanently... Read More
  6. Is granite sensitive to acids? Unlike marble, granite is not a calcite based stone and is not generally vulnerable to acids. However, some stones, even though they are marketed as granite, may in fact have calcium in their makeup. Furthermore, there is one acid that will severely ... Read More
  7. Why are my marble walls turning white in my shower and how do I clean them? Q: We purchased and had some beautiful light tan/beige marble installed on our master bathroom floor, 42" glass enclosed (2 sides) shower walls and tub enclosure. After five years, where we attempted to keep the shower walls clean, there is a tr... Read More
  8. Creama Marfil Light Etching Q. Hello - I'm a handy homeowner looking to repair what appears to be wrong leaning material etching (and kids toothpaste "misses") from my 18 month old crema marfil vanity top. I looked at several of your products and it looks like I need one of two... Read More
  9. Cleaning Marble - Etching, Rings and Damage on Marble Surface Q. I have a marble countertop in my bathroom. In a panic I put comet on a stain and took the finish off. How can I get the finish back? Also, I have a few ring marks. How get I get rid of them. Thank you Evelyn A. If the damage to the surface is not... Read More
  10. I have a granite top on our bar with several "ring stains." Can I use a marble polishing compound for polishing them out? Q. I have a granite top on our bar with several "ring stains." Can I use a marble polishing product for polishing them out? A. A marble polishing powder or compound can sometimes be used and shouldn't do any harm. However, you may need to use a g... Read More
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