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  1. What Product We Recommend To Clean Natural Stone Q. Hello. I have just built a new home. I have Crema Alara Marble in the kitchen and foyer floors, slate in my mudroom and travertine in my bathrooms. All have been professionally sealed. I do not use any chemical cleaners. Is water and a microfiber ... Read More
  2. Can travertine be polished after it has been sealed? We recently had travertine cross cut torren placed in our kitchen foyer and hallway the floor was sealed by the installer. However we would prefer to have more of a shine to the floor then we presently have. Can we, now that the floor is sealed, have... Read More
  3. Can ceramic tile be recolored? Q. I am interested in buying a house but don't like the ceramic tile in the foyer and kitchen. It is a light color and I would like it to be darker. Can tile be recolored or only the grout? Tearing it up and replacing is out of budget right now.A. Un... Read More
  4. Etching on Italian Marble Q. I have Italian Marble in my foyer and my daughter spilled orange juice on it and etched it. Can it be fixed or does it need to be replaced? A. In most cases, light etching can be fixed by using a marble polishing powder or compound, availab... Read More
  5. I just had my floors refinished, how do I maintain them? DON'T damp-mop your floor using a solution of water and stone soap. Like any other soap, stone soap will leave a hard-to-remove deposit on the surface of the stone. Stone soaps have very limited applications and, most importantly, they are not for cl... Read More