We have a beautiful set of stone steps leading to our front door. They are polished and very slippery when it rains. Is there any treatment we can apply to make them less slippery? I am afraid someone will fall and break their neck.

There are several options for making the steps less slippery. 

Option 1. The steps can be honed and the polish removed. The high-gloss shine will be gone, but the steps will be less slippery. This can be done by a qualified stone restoration contractor. 

Option 2. Slip tape can purchased at your hardware or home center and attached to the steps. 

Option 3. Some stone and tile service contractors offer a treatment, which once applied, will add slip resistance to the steps. Most of these treatment are acid-based, however, and will detract from the shine. 

Option 4. There are many brands of coatings or waxes that can be applied to the steps for added slip resistance. Be sure the coating you choose is resistant to ultraviolet (UV) light, or the coating may turn yellow.

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