How To Remove Coffee Stain On Porcelain Tile

Q. I spilled some coffee in my tile and it won‘t come off. I tried floor cleaning solution, vinegar and water, vinegar and baking soda, watered bleach, hydrogen peroxide. Nothing seems to work. I am pretty sure it is porcelain tile. Once you contact me I can provide photos.

A. Coffee and tea both contain tannin, which can leave a yellow to brown stain. If left on stone long enough, the stain can penetrate deeply and be nearly impossible to remove. If the concentration of coffee or tea is strong enough, it can also etch the surface of polished marble. You may need to hire a professional stone and tile restoration contractor to remove etch damage. Find one near you here.

1. Pour hydrogen peroxide (35% kind available at beauty supply stores, not regular hydrogen peroxide) directly on the stain and add a few drops of ammonia. Leave until bubbling stops. Caution: Do not use ammonia only. Ammonia can permanently set the stain.
2. If above procedure does not remove stain, poultice with poultice powder and 35% hydrogen peroxide. For instructions, watch this how-to video.
3. If all else fails, try poulticing with poultice powder and mineral spirits.
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