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Gray Limestone that continuously stains from wine, juice, etc.
Viewed 3327 times since Thu, May 27, 2010
Q. We have been doing work in a hotel with over fifty rooms. They have gray [limestone] countertops for their in-room bars and the same stone for their large bathroom floors. They want a polished finish on the countertops and a matte (non-slip)... Read More
What is the recommended maintenance program for marble flooring?
Viewed 3230 times since Thu, May 27, 2010
Q. Greetings, On commercial sites, such as a restaurant or main entrance lobby of a concert hall. Initially it will be clean, but afterwards. What is the recommended maintenance program and how often? What product and steps are recommended. ... Read More
Grout Color Seal
Viewed 2499 times since Tue, Apr 20, 2010
Q. Hi, I need to do something about dingy looking grout in a commercial setting. I have heard that there are several manufacturers of colored grout seal. I would be interested to get any input on this product and if there are some that are better... Read More
Possible silicone stain on Blue Macauba slab
Viewed 2462 times since Fri, Oct 9, 2009
Q: We made a Blue Macauba conferance table out of 2cm slab. We installed 3/4" plywood on the back of the table with clear silicone spots. This table was in our shop for over a month before we crated it up to ship across the country. The owner ended... Read More
Edge Polish
Viewed 2344 times since Tue, Dec 23, 2008
Q. We installed a countertop with arctic blue granite material. We used genex dry pads to 3000 grit and buff pad level, used rouge and hard cloth pad to shine. The owner wants it shinier like surface. This material has some pearl or abalone type... Read More
Spot on kitchen deck
Viewed 2226 times since Wed, May 16, 2007
Q. There are strange spots from cooking oils on a family member's Absolute Black kitchen deck. White "ghosting" type of haziness. It had been sealed but I don't know the product. Spoke with all my fabricators, none have heard of this type of thing.... Read More