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Crack In Newly Installed Quartzite Island Top
Viewed 18340 times since Tue, Mar 26, 2013
Q. Hi, the very first time I set a cutting board on the 6" hang over on my new sun gold quartzite island top, I noticed a crack 3 hours later. The crack extends 10" into the island top and also straight through the seperate 2 1/2" beveled edge. This... Read More
Concerns About Tile Weight and Floor Collapse
Viewed 5910 times since Wed, Sep 19, 2012
Q. How do I know if my 2nd floor bathroom floor is strong enough to handle the weight of tile? There is vinyl on the floor now, obviously tile will add a lot of weight and I don’t know how to check this out. A. Thank you for sharing your... Read More
Should I polish and seal my new marble flooring?
Viewed 4304 times since Tue, Nov 17, 2009
Q: Just had a new marble flooring installed (approximately 2500 sq. ft). Contractor did not mention polishing or sealing--job is now over..just told me to use water to clean the floor. I have since tried to find some info----do you recommend... Read More
How do we remove one travertine tile from the floor?
Viewed 3789 times since Fri, Aug 13, 2010
Q. We just tiled our bathroom with travertine. I was cleaning the stone and getting ready to seal it when I noticed a crack in the doorway where the stone is. It runs from the corner by the door diagonally clear across the whole stone. It has not... Read More
What is the proper grout for exterior limestone walkway?
Viewed 3412 times since Mon, Jul 13, 2009
Q. What is the proper grout for an exterior limestone walkway? Is there a dry grout that can be swept between the stone? Where would I look for stonedust? A. The proper grout will depend on how the stone is set. Will it be set in mortar or placed... Read More
Membrane for cracked tile replacement?
Viewed 3160 times since Fri, Sep 25, 2009
Q: Hello, I have a problem with a few cracked ceramic tiles in an entryway. The tiles have cracked due to cracks (mostly hairline) in the concrete foundation. I have heard of some kind of membrane material that can be used when such cracked tiles are... Read More
Cracked granite countertop
Viewed 3153 times since Fri, May 21, 2010
Q. I had granite countertops installed about five months ago. Yesterday, I noticed the granite had cracked all the way through on both sides of the undermounted sink. What caused this - was it improperly installed? A. Cracks of this nature can... Read More
Granite edges do not match countertops
Viewed 3067 times since Tue, Dec 23, 2008
[Fabrication Company] installed Kashmir Gold granite kitchen countertops in our home and the surface tops are yellowed and the bullnose edges are without yellow. We complained immediately during installation and they promised that their polish... Read More
Can I use kadappa black, kotah or shahabad yellow stone as an interior flooring?
Viewed 3045 times since Mon, Dec 14, 2009
Q: Are kadappa black, kotah and shahabad yellow stone good dense stones? can they be used in interior flooring? In India one of the top companies is indicted on so it is very difficult to trust any vendor. In such a... Read More
My travertine stone tile shower surround is too small for my new glass shower door.
Viewed 2976 times since Fri, Feb 19, 2010
Q: I bought a glass shower door. The opening is approx. 1/8" to small. I am checking on having the glass door reduced by that amount. Or is there a way I can sand the travertine tile so the door will close.A: No, you do not want to sand the... Read More
Minimize Earthquake-Related Natural Stone Cracking
Viewed 2750 times since Sat, Sep 8, 2012
Q. We live in San Francisco and are refurbishing our town house. We would like to use marble on our kitchen floor, but are concerned it may crack during an earthquake. Is there any way to install it that would minimize the cracking? A. ... Read More
Verde Fuoco Installation
Viewed 2717 times since Tue, Oct 21, 2008
Q. I have just had a large granite countertop installation done, including two large pieces of verde fuoco, which are riddled with fissures as well as several cracks, some but not all of which appear to have started out as fissures. I want to replace... Read More
travertine tile bathroom
Viewed 2653 times since Thu, Oct 1, 2009
Q: I have a 2nd floor shower with moisture resistant sheetrock. I want to put 18" travertine tile on the walls above the pan. Using modified mortar, can these tiles be put on the wall with mortar blobs leaving an air space behind tile or do the tiles... Read More
remove travertine tiles
Viewed 2575 times since Mon, Jan 12, 2009
Q. I have to do a repair around a jetted tub set in 12" travertine tile landing. All the tiles are set in grout. Is there a way to dissolve the grout & save the tiles? Thanks, Tom--A. Hi Tom, There is a risk factor involved with this task. ... Read More
Installing large format marble tile on kitchen wall.
Viewed 2570 times since Tue, Aug 3, 2010
Q. We are considering using a large format marble tile on a kitchen wall. The tile is 7 1/2" X 24" X 3/4". Is this size tile too heavy to use on a wall? Is special thinset needed? Currently the wall is lathe and plaster (100+ yr old home), should... Read More
What do I use to reattach glass mosaic tiles?
Viewed 2490 times since Tue, Dec 23, 2008
Q. I have installed a stained glass wall and pond. The mosaic sits on a mortar base, redguard sealer, then more mortar to level the surface. The glass mosaic is put up with latacrete. All of this is put on to a 8 x 16 block wall. One side is peeling... Read More
What should I ask a prospective tile setter?
Viewed 2402 times since Thu, Aug 21, 2008
Q. I am going to be hiring a tile setter. What kinds of questions should I ask them? By the way, I am in California. A. We asked our Installation Technical Director, Giovanni Lagana of Lagana Tile (, what a consumer should ask... Read More
Tiles popping
Viewed 2402 times since Wed, Jan 20, 2010
Q: I'm laying "penny" mosaic tile on top of a heating system. I had to use a light amount of thinset in some spots due to leveling issues. As a result I have some tiles that are coming up (I have not yet grouted). I am going to use spectralock epoxy... Read More
Slate installation
Viewed 2314 times since Fri, Sep 25, 2009
Q: Refacing a fireplace with 30cm slate tiles. What is the best adhesive to use (only about 25 pieces of tile involved so don't want to have to purchase a 50lb. bag of anything)? Would a premix mastic work? Will I need to provide support for the... Read More
Travertine Filling and Installation
Viewed 2279 times since Wed, Sep 16, 2009
Q: I found a pile of travertine tile in my newly purchased house. It's not used anywhere in the house but would like to use it for a bathroom floor. Problem is, many of the tile have holes that go through, some as big as a dime. Is there anything to... Read More
Have you ever heard of Doctored Travertine?
Viewed 2183 times since Mon, Dec 14, 2009
Q: In India, I have heard that Travertine stone is doctored by adding a substrate to the base of another hard cheaper stone. How can I know whether it is so without breaking it? A: Many of the black granites from India are darkened with dyes, but to... Read More
Section of Newly Installed Stone Is Darker Than Surrounding Stone
Viewed 265 times since Fri, Mar 1, 2019
Q. Natural stone tile installation has water marks that aren’t fading after 2 weeks of installation. Should I apply a poultice to remove the moisture? MSI sells the stone. It's called white oak. It's honed marble, 24 inch tiles, and... Read More
How to Tell the Difference Between Damage and Imperfections in Natural Stone
Viewed 100 times since Mon, Nov 18, 2019
Q. I am purchasing natural stone countertops, and I am concerned that I might not recognize the difference between naturally-occurring imperfections and unnatural damage. Can you provide some resources to help me make a good decision on my purchase?... Read More