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How do I fill holes in my travertine tile?

Q. I have Travertine Tile with some holes in the tile and would like to fill them in. Is there any material other than putting the grout into the holes to file them? What is the best material to use so that the holes that are filled do not have to be refilled in a year or 3 years?

A. There are epoxies and polyesters that can be used to fill the holes. However, it is generally not a do it yourself project and will require the services of a professional restoration company. These materials should last a very long time compared to just grout and unlike grout can be polished.

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Comment by ryan on Sun, Sep 16th, 2007 at 10:52 AM
take a spare peice of the tile smash it to a powder with a hamer mix the powder with a two part 5min epoxy fill hole and grind repair should last a life time or at least until the tile qualifies as retro
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