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Q. Hello-we recently moved into a brand new construction home with polished travertine tile floors. In general the tiles look good but there are areas that have what look like water spots that I cannot clean! I purchased a spray stone cleaner from Home Depot but it does not remove the stains either. Do you recommend that I buy a Heavy Duty Stone Tile Grout Cleaner? I would really like to try cleaning these areas myself before calling the pros. Any info would be appreciated as the stains are driving me crazy!!!-thanks so much in advance. Emily

A. If they look like water spots and you can’t clean them, it sounds like you’re dealing with etching -- damage to the surface -- rather than stains.

If they area is small and not too severe (you can’t feel roughness with your fingertips) then you can probably resolve the problem yourself with a good quality marble polish, available at Stone Care Central.

I would also recommend that you download our Stone Care Guide. I think it will help with this and any other issues you may face.

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Comment by Randy on Tue, Jul 17th, 2007 at 1:01 AM
Sounds like etch marks to me. You may try a little marble polishing compound. Put some on a small area of a damp rag, wet the spot that is etched with water, rub the treated rag in a small affected area for 5 to 10 seconds, quickly rinse the area, dry it and see if the spot started to disappear. If not the etching may be deeper in the stone and it would be wise to seek out help from a stone restoration contractor. Randy Frye Restoration Stoneworks
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