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I’m totally confused and need help. I’m looking to redo my bathroom and getting different answers about sealing...

Q. I’m totally confused and need help. I’m looking to redo my bathroom and getting different answers on the use of stone tiles for the bathroom and shower. I have been told everything from it is very easy to seal and should only to be done every couple of years to it should be done every 6 months and the process is very easy to a lot of work. Any help you can provide me is appreciated. Thank-you..

A. If you follow the application instructions printed on the label, you should have no problems performing the task yourself. However, you can always have a professional stone maintenenace / restoration contractor do it for you. (To locate someone near you, go to and click on Find a Pro.) 

How often you need to seal is determined by many factors including, but not limited to the actual stone that’s going to be used and how consistent you are with routine maintenance and care. I personally sealed a very absorbent limestone shower enclosure for a client 3.5 years ago that is still holding up very well.

There is a simple test you can perform on the stone itself to determine how absorbent it is or if it needs to be sealed (or re-sealed) at all. Place a few drops of water on it and allow it to dwell for several minutes, then wipe away the water. If the stone is darker where the water was, which indicates that the water penetrated the surface, then it needs to be sealed. 

A highly polished marble or granite will usually not absorb anything and the use of a sealer could be a waste of time and money. However, the grout lines themselves should be sealed. Be sure to buff off any sealer from the surface of the stone.  

We recommend using sealers from Stone Care Central.

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Lagana Tile
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