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How do I restore my polished marble?

Q. How do I restore my polished marble? It has become very dull.

A. Marble is a relatively soft stone. A accumulation of scratches over time can dull the polish. Etching, the whitish marks left after on a stone’s surface after an acidic substance has been spilled, will also dull the shine. No amount of ’cleaning’ will make this any better, nor will applying a topical treatment.

If the dull area in question is small -- inches, not feet -- and not too severe (you can’t really feel any diffrerence with your fingertip), you can polish the surface yourself with a good quality marble polishing compound very much like a jeweler would polish out scratches on a gemstone. Stone Care Central carries a marble polising compound that consumers love.

Restoration of polished marble involves the removal of scratches and/or damage from the surface of the stone by means of mechanical abrasion. This is also known as diamond grinding. This is followed by a careful polishing technique.

Stone restoration pros understand the various stones and their respective properties and idiosyncracies. If the restoration job is anything beyond minor, you will most likely make the problem worse by attempting this type of repair yourself.  To locate a stone restoration pro in your area, visit the Find a Pro section on ( )

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try saw sheen
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