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Can you recommend a good sealer for my granite?

Q. Can you recommend a good sealer for my granite?

A. Stone Care Central has excellent high quality sealers that are effective and easy to use. 

You will first want to determine, do you want the color to remain the same or are you looking to enhance (i.e. deepen) the color of your stone?

If you are looking to seal the stone without changing its color/appearance in any way, opt for a good quality impregnating sealer. If you do want to enhance and seal the stone, select an enhancing sealer.

A couple of cautions...

  • Always test first in an inconspicuous area.
  • On countertops in kitchens, make sure any sealer you use is food grade.
    It is absolutely essential that no product remains on the surface of the stone when you’re all finished.
  • Consider if this is a project you want to do yourself. Sealing stone is something stone maintenance and restoration pros do routinely.

If you do want a professional to do the job, click on Find a Pro to locate a qualified contractor in your area.

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