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How do I know if my stone should be sealed?

Q. Please tell me how do I know if my stone should be sealed?

A. There is a good rule of thumb to find out if your stone should be sealed. Spill some water on it and wait for approximately half an hour, then wipe it dry. If the surface of the stone did not darken it means that the stone does not need to be sealed or is already perfectly sealed. Use this same test to determine when it is time to reseal.

With that said, some professionals would argue passionately that all stone needs to be sealed. Others, equally as skilled and equally as passionate would emphatically state that only some stones need to be sealed. Many of the stone maintenance contractors we talk with tell us that they will frequently determine that a customer’s stone does not need to be sealed, but the customer still insists that the stone be sealed. When this is the case, they will go ahead and apply sealer, knowing that they will be applying it and removing it. Seal all stone proponents would argue that it doesn’t hurt and it may help.

One thing everyone would agree on: no sealer is to remain on the surface of the stone. Excess sealer on the surface of any stone could create other problems.
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