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How should I perform routine maintenance for my granite countertops?

Granite Countertops will give you a lifetime of easy to maintain elegance if you use the right products -- and don’t use the wrong products -- and follow some simple guidelines. It is always best to use quality products designated safe for natural stone. We recommend Stone Care Central products.

A couple of important tips: Avoid products with soap as you don’t want any film to build up, and even with good rinsing, it’s very hard to remove every trace of soap. Use a pH neutral or slightly alkaline product, dilluted for most areas and in stronger concentration where needed -- around stoves, etc.

Have your countertops been sealed? If not, and you have determined that they need to be you will want to apply an appropriate sealer right away. 

Polish your countertops occasionally—no more than once a week—with a good quality stone polish for extra shine and protection.
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