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How to Remove Miracle Grow Stain on Granite

Q. There is a discoloration on my granite from where I suspect Miracle Grow leaked through the planter pot. The granite finish is still perfectly smooth. How do I remove this stain? The stain is the same color as the Miracle Grow. A Miracle Grow representative recommended I make a poultice with Ajax. I wanted to get a second opinion on this.
A. Discolorations on granite can be stains or etches. The methods used to remove etching are different than the methods used to remove a stain. Since you said that the granite finish is still perfectly smooth and the discoloration is the color of Miracle Grow, it probably isn't an etch. So here are our stain removal recommendations.
With all natural stone, including granite, certain substances can cause staining, such as the dye in Miracle Grow. Stains on granite and other natural stone can be removed by using a poultice. In this case, mix flour and hydrogen peroxide to create your poultice. Use 30% hydrogen peroxide available at most beauty supply stores. If 35% is not available, use 20%. For further instructions on how to mix and apply the poultice, watch our How To video available on our Stain Management App (link is upper left) If the poultice lightens the stain at all, then that means it is working, and you can keep reapplying the poultice until the stain is completely removed.
Regarding your question about the poultice ingredients recommended by Miracle Grow, our expert says, "No Ajax. I repeat, no Ajax." Both the bleach and the abrasives in Ajax can be problematic for natural stone.
If you are unable to remove the stain, contact your stone and tile restoration contractor. If you do not have one, you can find a recommended PRO near you here.
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