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How to Remove Black Rubber Squeegee Marks on Natural Stone Shower

Q. I just had natural stone installed in the shower and bathroom. It was sealed using an enhancer. My staff used a squeegee to remove excess water, without using any chemicals. The squeegee left some rubber stains on the new tile. They are in the tile as there is no residue on the floor at all that will wipe off. How do I get the black out of the few tiles it stained?

A. Our expert suggests you dampen a clean, white cloth, dip it in baking soda, and rub this into the black marks. If the marks lighten, repeat and continue until they are completely removed. If the baking soda is not effective, you may be dealing with etches, which are different from stains in that the stone's surface is actually damaged by a chemical reaction. If your stone has a polished finish, then you may be able to use etch remover to remove the marks. Purchase etch remover from Stone Care Central and follow the directions in this video: How To Polish Out Etch Marks. If your stone has a honed finish, do not use the etch remover, because although it may remove the etch, it will leave a section of your honed finish polished and noticeably different from the surrounding finish. An experienced, professional stone restoration contractor should be able to resolve the problem on your behalf, if the DIY methods we have suggested don't work. Click here to find a Certified Stone and Tile PRO near you. Good luck!

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