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Removing grease from sandstone countertop

Q. We had a beige sandstone counter top installed for an outdoor kitchen. It is sanded smooth and was sealed with a sealer (don‘t know what kind just said Sealer on the can) about 3 coats. Some was spilled on our manufactured patio pavers which we thought would have to be replaced, but after using a power washer the stain was pretty much gone). I only offered the before to let you know that it might not be the best sealer. Grease and oil leave spots that we cant seem to get out. Have tried pretty normal things to get it out, and most don‘t work or actually leave a worse stain (tried Oxi Clean Max force). This stone is so easily marked it leaves stains from rainwater. I would love to know how to remove the oil/grease stains and red wine (which will inevitably happen), and if we can use something that will do a much better job sealing it. Thanks, Carol

A. To remove the stains on sandstone you will need to use a poultice with hydrogen peroxide. (Refer to I would also try to find you what type of sealer was applied. Was it a topical or a penetrating type? If it was topical it will need to be removed before another sealer is applied. If it is a penetrating sealer, you will need to apply another penetrating sealer. You may want to contact a pro for this. Click here to find a pro in your area:

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