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Stain on Black Stone Floor

Q: I left a DRY cotton cloth (it was attached to a floor mop like a swifter) on the tile floor overnight. I was planning to mop floor but never got around to it. However, when I removed the mop, the tile in that area was faded white. I have tried to clean with soap and water and a natural stone cleanser, but it does not come out. Would there be any harm in trying the hydrogen-peroxide poultice that I read about on your website?


A: Although you are not sure what kind of stone is on the kitchen floor, from the pictures you supplied, the floor looks like slate, and it appears that there is a topical sealer on the slate. If that’s the case, the light spot is where the sealer has been removed by the mop. If you wet the spot and its gets darker, it is most likely the sealer. The floor may have to be professionally stripped and new sealer applied to remove the spot. The poultice that you mentioned is a common method to remove stains from natural stone, however, it is not recommended in this case.


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