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What is the best way to fill holes in travertine tiles?

Q. What is the best way to fill holes in travertine tiles?

A. One quick and effective way of filling holes in honed travertine is to squeeze some almond-colored caulking material in them. Fill in excess, push the filler in as deep as possible with a slightly wet putty knife, and then, after 30 seconds or so, "shave" the excess with a razor blade to flush the filler with the surface of the stone. Wrap you index finger with a damp piece of terry cloth and clean any filler residue around the filled hole, making sure not to touch the filler. Let it cure for 24 hours and... enjoy!

Of course, this is not the best solution for polished travertine. There are epoxies and polyesters that can be used to fill the holes. However it is generally not a do it yourself project and will require the services of a professional restoration company to fill the holes and polish the stone.  These materials should last a very long time compared to just grout as well.

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