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Crack In Newly Installed Quartzite Island Top

Q. Hi, the very first time I set a cutting board on the 6" hang over on my new sun gold quartzite island top, I noticed a crack 3 hours later. The crack extends 10" into the island top and also straight through the seperate 2 1/2" beveled edge. This one island top cost me 1800 dollars so I do not feel that I should have to settle for a repair which is all that the fabricator has offered me. The 2 cm quartzite ( natural stone) is cracked all the way through as is the mitered edge. The stone was reiforced by 2 pieces of plywood. When I use a level near the crack, the bubble is between the two lines but not completely centered . Do you think this is the issue or something else? The fabricator is trying to say we dropped something. That is not true and there is no dent or divet, just a straight crack going through bothe the top and mitered edge. Thank you so much!

A. First, if you did drop something, it would not cause a crack; it would cause a chip or divot. Since the crack occurred after installation, this is an indication that the countertop was not installed properly.

As far as repairing vs. replacing the top, the Marble Institute Design Manual states that a crack will require a replacement, not a repair. Therefore, I would ask the fabricator to replace, not repair your top. Contact our Chief Technical Director, Fred Hueston, the founder of Stone Forensics. He can provide expert failure analysis services should this turn into a legal dispute with the fabricator.

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