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How to remove calcium deposits on granite around the pool

Q. I have granite tiles around the hot tub and pool and there are calcium deposits forming on the grout areas and the tile is dull. Can I clean and restore it myself and then seal it?

A. It may be possible to clean and restore it yourself depending on how severe the damage is. I would first try cleaning off the deposits with a heavy duty soap film remover Stone Care Central.

If this doesn’t remove all the build-up then you may have to use a mild acid such as sulfamic acid. This may not be a DIY job as there is some risk of dulling the granite, so you may want to call in a PRO. With some granites, the acid will dull the stone and it will have to be professionally repolished. If you do opt to do it yourself, once the deposits are removed you can take a look at the tile to see if the polish is still there. If not than you will have to call a pro to have them repolished.

To locate a pro in your area, go to the Find a PRO section at

Dr. Fred
Chief Technical Director
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