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Gray Limestone that continuously stains from wine, juice, etc.

Q. We have been doing work in a hotel with over fifty rooms. They have gray [limestone] countertops for their in-room bars and the same stone for their large bathroom floors. They want a polished finish on the countertops and a matte (non-slip) finish on the bathroom floors. After completely the desired results and applying miracle 511 sealer during the process, burn marks from wine glasses, etc. are all over the countertops. The shower floors have streak marks from seems to be standing water (perhaps chlorine) and the edges have rings from the shampoo bottles. the only way to fix the surfaces that we can see is the completely cut the surfaces and redo them with more sealer. However, this is not cost effective for the hotel nor will this solve their problem. After one wild guest, the problem could fully return.
Is their a solution to this problem?

A. Unfortunately you are dealing with limestone which is a calcium based stone. Calcium, when exposed to acidic spills will etch. Impregnating sealers are not designed to prevent the surface of the stone from etching, they are design to fill up the pores in the stone to inhibit staining agents from being absorbed into the stone.

However, with that said, there are some possible solutions. For the countertop there is a product that is basically a thin plastic sheet that is placed on the top. It will last a few months and will need to be replaced periodically. Check out

The floor is another story. You may want to try a different impregnator. I would like to refer you to available at Stone Care Central to help you select an appropriate sealer, but more importantly, if you are not a trained stone maintenance contractor, I would strongly urge you to retain the services of a qualified natural stone maintenance contractor. To locate one in your area, go to and click on the Find a PRO tab.

Dr. Fred
Chief Technical Director
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