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How do I clean my travertine and granite counters?

Q: We are preparing our house for sale and have installed beautiful granite counters in the kitchen, and what our installer tells us is Travertine in the bathroom on a ready-made cabinet. The granite was professionally sealed and is a wonderful addition. However, even after having the Travertine sealed (again by a professional) we are finding that ANY soap or water makes a mark that is difficult to remove. If you can recommend products or processes to help with soap marks or other unavoidable bathroom marks, we would like to make and order. Help please! and Thanks.

A: Travertine is a type of limestone that is sensitive to acids and,  unlike granite, is soft and will leave marks like that found with soapscum. There is not alot you can do other than to keep it clean and have it professionally polished. You can find a qualified professional here in our Find A Pro section. There are some topical products that you can place on it which will help, but your best choice is to keep it clean. Use soap dishes etc.

We have an excellent Stone Care Guide which will help you determine proper care and maintenance routines for your travertine. In the meantime, you may want to take a  look at the Marble Repair Kit available at Stone Care Central. Give it a try.

Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director, Stone and Tile PROS
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