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Should I polish and seal my new marble flooring?

Q: Just had a new marble flooring installed (approximately 2500 sq. ft). Contractor did not mention polishing or sealing--job is now over..just told me to use water to clean the floor. I have since tried to find some info----do you recommend polishing/cleaning of new marble floor followed by a sealer or impregnator as mentioned in some of your material on the site? Any info is greatly appreciated.

A: First, never use just water to clean your stone floor. Plain water will only distribute the dirt around. You want to remove the dirt and soiling with a good neutral stone cleaner. Visit Stone Care Central for stone safe, quality marble floor cleaners. The floor should not need to be polished if it is new unless it is scratched or damaged. I would recommend having it sealed with a good stone impregnator sealer. You can do it yourself if your handy or call in a stone care professional which can be found here in our "Find-a-Pro" section.

Fred Hueston, Chief Technical Director, Stone and Tile PROS
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