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What is the best way to clean unfilled travertine?

Q: My unfilled, but sealed (with a lithofin product) travertine needs a good clean before resealing. What is the best technique for this? There is dirt in the holes, which is obviously worse in heavy wear areas. Thanks

A: The best way to clean unfilled travertine is to use a pressure washer with a LOW pressure setting. Use a good neutral cleaner and then rinse the floor with the pressure washer and pick up with a wet vac. You want to work small sections to avoid getting excessive water all over the place. You need to make sure the pressure washer it is not too powerful. Do not exceed 1500 PSI, and of course test first in a small unnoticeable area. To avoid this problem in the future you may want to consider having the travertine filled.

Fred Hueston
Chief Technical Director, Stone and Tile PROS

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