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Removing etching from travertine table

Q. Hello I am looking for some help to correct water rings on our sealed travertine table. There are splash marks and rings where glasses were placed. This is a brand new table and I’m hoping to fix the rings before sealing the table with a product that I can purchase, or do I just have to live with it and seal what is left of the table? And is there any recomendation for a sealer that would repel this type of stain? Thanks so much! Colleen

A. Hi Colleen. You certainly don’t have to live with it like that. You didn’t specify whether your table top was a honed or a polished finish. If it’s polished, and the damage is not too severe or too extensive, you can purchase an etch removing marble polishing compound, available at Stone Care Central.

I would also recommend that you download our Stone and Tile Care Guide which has an entire section on stain and etch removal.

If it’s a honed finish or very severe or a large area, you’ll want to contact a stone restoration contractor in your area to fix it. (Click on Find a Pro to locate one in your area.)

With that said, a sealer is not going to protect your stone from this kind of damage (etching). An impregnating sealer is designed to go into the pores of the stone to fill the pores to inhibit staining. In fact, no sealer should remain on the surface of the stone.

After you get it repaired, make sure to use coasters, placemats, etc. and wipe up spills immediately.

Dr. Fred
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