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Creama Marfil Light Etching

Q. Hello - I’m a handy homeowner looking to repair what appears to be wrong leaning material etching (and kids toothpaste "misses") from my 18 month old crema marfil vanity top. I looked at several of your products and it looks like I need one of two I found. What is the difference between the "marble polishing compound" and the "marble polishing powder"? Is this what I should get to fix this? I need enough to do a large double vanity, and wouldn’t minds having some spare. What size should I order? Thank you very much! Rob

A. Hi Rob. Marble polishing compound is more commonly used by professionals, whereas marble polishing powder was formulated specifically for homeowners. It is milder and very easy to use. As for how much you should use, a very little bit goes a long way. You didn’t specify how many etch marks you have, but typically you’ll use about a teaspoon on an average etched spot. 

Marble polishing powder is available at Stone Care Central. You may also want to purchase a stone-safe neutral cleaner while you are there. You can use it on your mirrors over your vanity tops to avoid overspray from non-stone-safe products. If you want to give your vanity tops a little extra shine, and protection, purchase a stone polishing spray and use it as often as you like. 

Have you downloaded the Stone Care Guide? It has a lot of valuable information you will find useful.
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