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etch spots on polished travertine

Q. Is there any way to bring back the shine of dull spots on polished travertine? The cat threw up and we didn’t discover it until the next morning. Then our son sprayed some floor cleaner on it and didn’t get it all up so there are dull spots now that do not respond to rubbing. My husband thought a 600 grit sandpaper might bring it back. What should I do?

A. In order to repolish the dull spots it will need a polishing compound and possibly rehoning. You can try using a polishing paste but if the etch is too severe you will need to call in a pro. (How do you know if it’s too severe? If you can feel the roughness with your fingertips, then it’s probably a job for a pro.)

You can find an excellent polishing paste / compound at Stone Care Central. If you do decide to call in a contractor, you can find one in your area at

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