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remove travertine tiles

Q. I have to do a repair around a jetted tub set in 12" travertine tile landing. All the tiles are set in grout. Is there a way to dissolve the grout & save the tiles? Thanks, Tom--

A. Hi Tom, There is a risk factor involved with this task. Of course, acid will "dissolve or deteriorate" grout/thinset. However, it will also "etch and ruin" the travertine stone. In a lot of tub deck installations you will find the material set directly to the plywood box, which could be another headache in itself.  Nonetheless, getting the solution you are planning to use onto the finished surface of the stone is a risk.  If you do that, you will need to refinish the stone.  In my opinion, if you are going to tackle this project and successfully remove the stones without damaging them, you should plan to mechanically remove the thinset/grout from the back in order to reset them.  My experience shows there is less margin for error with this method.  Of course, it will be much messier, but less risky.  Hopefully, this answers your questions.

Nino DiVincenzo
Perfect Services / Grout Perfect

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