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PORCELAIN TILE CLEANING With Heavy Buildup of Soap Scum

Q. I have 2" x 2" porcelain tiles for my shower floor. It accumulates a dark soap scum, etc. sticky buildup that is hard to remove. A regular scrub brush does not cut through to clean the tile. What products/tools are the best and safest to use. I was told that steel wool would be good to use or a 220 fine grit screen file. What are your recommendations? Also, it was sealed when installed. Should the floors and walls be resealed once a year? Your advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

A. Use a good quality soap film remover, available at Stone Care Central, and a stainless steel or copper scrub pad.

As for the sealing, yes, it would be good to seal the grout lines and the tile (if it is the porous type) once a year.

Fred M. Hueston
Chief Technical Director

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