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Urine on polished marble near toilet

Q. What product of yours will enchance and remove yellow urine stains around toilet...without...having a professional come in?

A. This is a question we get quite a bit... well, except for the how to enhance urine stains part. By the way, we don’t sell any products but we can make recommendations.

You are dealing with two problems here. One, the stain and two, etching caused by the acid in the urine. You are going to want to create a poultice to draw out the stain first, then follow that with polishing out the damage to the surface of the stone (etching).

For making a poultice, please refer to our Stone Care Guide and visit Stone and Tile PROS’ Stain Removal Application. To purchase a poultice kit, visit Stone Care Central.

For polishing out the etching, use a good quality marble polishing powder or compound, also available at MB Stone Care, and follow the instructions carefully. If the etching is not too severe (a general rule of thumb is you can’t feel it with your fingertips), this will probably do the job. 

If the etching is severe, I’m afraid you will have to call in a professional stone restoration contractor. You can find one in your area by clicking the Find A PRO tab

Fred Hueston
Chief Technical Director
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