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My marble coffee table has white stains that I cannot get rid of. Is there a cleaner to remove them?

Q. My marble coffee table has white stains that I cannot get rid of. Is there a cleaner to remove them?

A. Unfortunately, what you are describing are not stains. They are acid etches. The stone has been chemically etched by the neutralization process that happens between calcium (the main ingredient in marble) and the acid applied or spilled on your table top. You may need to call a professional restoration contractor to refinish your stone.

However, if the etching is not severe, we recommend that you first try to polish your stone first using etch remover marble polish fromStone Care Central. Understand this it is not cleaning—it is polishing the stone much like jewelers rouge.

Although etching can’t be removed with a cleaner, improper cleaning products may actually CAUSE etching. You want to make sure always to use only stone safe, good quality cleaning products. We strongly recommend Stone Care Central products.

You may need to bring in a stone restoration contractor. To find a Certified Stone and Tile PRO Partner in your area, click here. For additional information, read this related article: Why Is My Natural Stone Flaking?

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