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Granite edges do not match countertops

[Fabrication Company] installed Kashmir Gold granite kitchen countertops in our home and the surface tops are yellowed and the bullnose edges are without yellow. We complained immediately during installation and they promised that their polish would make the edges change to the color of the surface tops. They have been to our home four times with various products, and of course, there has been no change. The last person even attempted to grind this resin-like substance off the surface, with no success. They will not replace our countertops and we are refusing to accept this defective installation. [Fabrication Company], even though they have sent four different people to "repair" this obvious discrepancy, now are saying that granite is a "natural stone with variations of which they have no control." Have you any advice? Thank you.

A. Its difficult to provide an answer without seeing what the problem is. There are several reasons why this may be occuring. Certain graintes are resined and will darken over time. When the edges are fabricated it exposes new stone that has not yellowed yet. There are remedies to darken it but ove time it will darken and match the top surface.  My recommendation would be to wait until it darkens. This can take anywhere from several months to a year. 

Fred Hueston
Chief Technical Director

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