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A cup of lemonade was left on my marble vanity and leaked. It completely etched the spot - sealer did nothing.

Q. A cup of lemonade was left on my marble vanity and leaked. It completely etched the spot - the sealer did nothing to prevent this.

A. Unfortunately, no sealer in the world would have done anything to prevent this from happening. Sealers are intended to fill the voids underneath the surface only. At best a sealer will give you a small window of opportunity to remove the spill before etching occurs.

Acids will etch marble. If the damaged area is small, and not too deep (i.e. you can’t feel the damage with your fingertips) a good quality marble polishing compound will resolve your problem. Stone Care Central has a great marble polishing compound.

If the damage is too severe, a restoration pro will be able to resolve the problem.

To locate a pro in your area, visit the Find a PRO section.
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Comment by sulaiman on Sat, Nov 24th, 2007 at 11:41 PM
i found your answers to the questions are very useful but i faced a similer problem , i used a sealer for my bathroom wall but it didn t work ,i applied another sealer aqua mix brand but the result was that some spot appeared on the wall . can you help.
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