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I have a black granite countertop that has white stains from what I believe to be olive oil.

Q. I have a black granite countertop that has white stains from what I believe to be olive oil. I thought it was lemon or tomato, however, checked it out on an extra piece, it is the oil. How do I get that up? It was sealed by the installer (about 2 years ago) and installer denies any culpability here. Says "doesn’t have any idea what to do". I have stripped the sealer off and have another sealer to apply but would like to get the spots up first.

A. If your stain is lighter than the stone than it is an etch mark, which may require professional attention. If it appears to be darker than the stone, it is a stain. 

Try applying a poultice. For instructions on how to create your own poultice, visit Stone and Tile PROS’ Stain Removal Application. To purchase a poultice kit, visit Stone Care Central. Follow label instructions and you should be able to remove the stain. 
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