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Marble Top now has rings where glasses were

Q. We recently bought a polished marble top bar for our rec room. My daughter had some friends over and the glasses (probably had soda in them) they placed on top of the marble left ring marks on the marble. Obviously the marble has not been sealed, but how do I get the rings out? I’ve tried some cleaners from Lowes and also tried a mixture recommended on a web site of dish soap and flour, but neither works.

A. It sounds like your marble has been etched. That being the case, no ’cleaner’ will resolve your problem. If the ’stain’ is lighter than the stone, it’s an etch not a stain. (Although you may be dealing with a stain and an etch. If that’s the case, you need to treat each separately. An etch remover and a poultice / cleaner to draw out the stain.)

Feel the damaged area. Can you feel roughness? If so, you may need to call in a pro. If not, we recommend that you polish out the areas with etch removal marble polish, available at 
Stone Care Central. Follow label instructions.

By the way, even if the marble had been sealed you would probably still be dealing with this. Marble is sensitive to acids and sealers to little to nothing to protect the surface from this kind of damage. In the future, use coasters and clean up spills immediately.

If you do find you need to call in a professional stone restoration contractor, you can find one in your area here:

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