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Sealwerx WA
Sealwerx WA

Marble, Limestone, Travertine, Granite, Onyx, Quartzite, Quartz

Repair, Restoration, and Maintenance

We are experts in resolving a host of problems that can occur in natural stone and restoring the elegance and luxury to your marble, granite, and more. From honing and polishing to sealing and protecting, we service all types of natural stone including...


If your marble is dirty or dull-looking, scratched, etched, cracked, chipped, or otherwise damaged, don’t replace it! Our cleaning, polishing, restoration and protection services can make an incredible difference.


We provide complete limestone care and professional maintenance services for floors, countertops, walls, and other surfaces, including both interior and exterior surfaces for residential and commercial clients.


Part of travertine’s unique appeal is that it is available in two distinct forms — filled and unfilled. Either way, we can achieve the look you want with our cleaning and sealing, filling, honing, polishing and other services.


Granite, one of the world’s hardest materials, is resistant to most acids, very durable, and easy to maintain, but it's not impervious to damage. If your granite is showing signs of wear, we can make it look brand new again!


Onyx surfaces can be showstoppers — in a good way or a bad one. Beautiful, well-maintained onyx creates a positive impression but dull, damaged onyx creates quite the opposite impression. Entrust your onyx to us.


Quartzite has the look of marble, but is less delicate. The appearance of quartzite can decline with exposure to improper cleaning agents, improper application of coatings, or accidental damage. We can restore its elegance.

Quartz/Engineered Stone

Quartz surfaces, such as Cambria, LG Viatera, Zodiaq, and countless others are harder than granite, easy to clean, and look great for a long time. However, quartz is not indestructible. We provide professional restoration services.