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What A Shine!


Do you have dull, stained or otherwise damaged natural stone floors, showers, table or counter tops? We can restore them to like new and help you keep them looking that way.

The unique requirements of every stone must be taken into account and discussed in evaluating the aesthetic benefits of stone restoration and preservation. Not every stone is a candidate for restoration. This can be only determined by performing a stone evaluation by an experienced professional. We have this knowledge!
WHAT A SHINE! offers a special stone evaluation at your home or property to review your specific needs. During our visit you will learn more about stone restoration and maintenance as well as the skills and experiences of our professional technicians. We will answer your questions relating to your stone care needs on the spot.

As a result of our professional analysis, we will make repair and restoration recommendations, which may include cleaning, stripping, grinding, honing, polishing, sealing and protecting, stain removal, scratch removal, re-caulking, re-grouting, hole repair, chip repair, crack repair, and other services.

We make it a point to guide all of our customers on maintenance procedures specifically designed for your type of stone. We sell and distribute high quality stone care products and offer guidance on how to use these products properly to get the best possible results. In addition, we provide ongoing maintenance services so that you can avoid the trouble of periodic restoration and keep even the most high-traffic floors and countertops looking great all the time.

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