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Personal Touch Service Solutions

Personal Touch Service Solutions, Inc. began 27 years ago by owner, Joyce Harris, as Personal Touch Cleaning Services. From the very early years, a good deal of our business was providing full service janitorial care to churches and parochial schools.  As the years went by, we expanded into the business community, healthcare offices, and the hospitality industry.  By providing carpet care, hard floor care, project cleaning, and janitorial care, the Personal Touch Cleaning Solutions division is a one stop shop for facility maintenance.

We have worked with some of the largest organizations in their respective fields and they have come to depend on the quality services provided by Personal Touch Service Solutions.

In 1998 we branched out with our  Stone Solutions division, to satisfy the growing need for after market service for the many natural and engineered stone surfaces entering the market.  Many people didn’t realize the maintenance requirements for such materials as marble, travertine, limestone, slate, terrazzo, and other natural stone products.  Additionally, the market was being flooded with engineered stone falling under the names of Silestone, Cesarstone and many other types of man made stone surfaces.  Stonework Solutions, prides itself on being able to address the many challenges that come with interior and exterior architectural stone.  In 2003 Stone Solutions began a sub-group within its division that addressed the maintenance needs of historic masonry.  After receiving training in historic lime mortars, our technicians began repointing buildings and homes that were built from the 1850’s through the 1930’s.  So many building owners were unaware that older properties could be damaged by using modern masonry mortars.  These impermeable joints were actually forcing moisture into the masonry itself and, in our freeze/thaw cycles, causing the brick face to pop off (spall).  Stonework Solutions masonry group has trained masons who are able to repair, repoint, and weatherize older buildings in a way that will not bring them harm.  In more recent years, we have added a masonry expert with over 30 years of experience in both modern and historic masonry practices. We are able to offer repair, construction, tuck pointing, and sealing.

Our most recent division provides repair and decorative treatments to concrete surfaces.  This is environmentally conscious alternative to replacement provides both structural and aesthetic answers to common concrete issues.  Give a new look to tired concrete for a fraction of the cost of replacement. This division also repairs and recoats EIFS, also known by the commercial name, DRIVIT as well as providing the extremely important maintenance to caulking joints in EIFS structures.

Personal Touch’s philosophy in all its divisions is simple; provide knowledgeable, quality conscious staff to deliver consistent, personalized service at an excellent value.  That ethic has insured growth and stability for the last 27 years.