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  1. What should I ask a prospective tile setter? Q. I am going to be hiring a tile setter. What kinds of questions should I ask them? By the way, I am in California. A. We asked our Installation Technical Director, Giovanni Lagana of Lagana Tile (, what a consumer should as... Read More
  2. How do I know if my stone should be sealed? Q. Please tell me how do I know if my stone should be sealed?A. There is a good rule of thumb to find out if your stone should be sealed. Spill some water on it and wait for approximately half an hour, then wipe it dry. If the surface of th... Read More
  3. Urine on polished marble near toilet Q. What product of yours will enchance and remove yellow urine stains around toilet...without...having a professional come in? A. This is a question we get quite a bit... well, except for the how to enhance urine stains part. By the way, we don�... Read More