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  1. Q. Can I use the Stone Plus Spray on my black leather countertops? Q. Can i use the stone plus spray on my black leather countertops? A. By black leather countertops are you referring to the leather look treatment on your natural stone countertops? If so, then yes, of course, Stone Plus (in the Stonecare PRO Sig... Read More
  2. Q. Can I change the color of my pink marble top? Q. Can I change the color of my pink marble top? I have a coffee table with a pink marble top about 30 years old. Love the table, but pink top is outdated. Would like to change the color of the marble. Can this be done? Is pink a naturally occurr... Read More
  3. natural stone care Q. Hello I have just built a new home. I have Crema Alara Marble in the kitchen and foyer floors, slate in my mudroom and travertine in my bathrooms. All have been professionally sealed. I do not use any chemical cleaners. Is water and a microfiber d... Read More
  4. Resin on marble table top cracking and peeling Q. The resin coating of our Knoll Saarinen marble top table has been cracking for the last one year. We don't know what to do. Any advice? A. Some manufacturers, such as in your case, will use resins to create a topical rather than natura... Read More
  5. Can multi-colored stone be changed to single gray color Q. The house was built in 1975, the entry and hall is the multi-color stone/slate typical of the 1970's There are faded red, dark gray, green-gray and light gray random shapes all with 90 degree corners. Can this floor be changed to a sing... Read More
  6. Marble Stair safety Q. Church stairs in sanctuary are visually difficult for our againg population and we want to install something that will prevent fall hazards but be more asthetically pleaseing than black grit tape. THe sanctuary is designed with a total six step e... Read More
  7. Crack in 2 week old quartzite island top Q. Hi , the very first time I set a cutting board on the 6" hang over on my new sun gold quartzite island top, I noticed a crack 3 hours later. The crack extends 10" into the island top and also straight through the seperate 2 1/2" beveled edge. This... Read More
  8. How do I know if my 2nd floor bathroom floor is strong enough to handle the weight of tile? There is vinyl on the floor now, obviously tile will add a lot of weight and I don’t know how to check this out. If you are worried about the floor collapsing, if you can stand on your floor without falling in that chances are it will bear the weight of the tile.  However, with this said there are some other concerns. The first would be what is called d... Read More
  9. What can I use to seal the grout on my ceramic tile shower walls and is this something I can do myself? Many brands of grout sealer are available for this purpose; most are easy to apply, but make sure the grout is first cleaned thoroughly. Grout sealers are available at most hardware and home supply centers.  TIP: Most of t... Read More
  10. We live in San Francisco and are refurbishing our town house. We would like to use marble on our kitchen floor, but are concerned it may crack during an earthquake. Is there any way to install it that would minimize the cracking? There are several fracture membranes that can be installed to help minimize cracking. These membranes are rubber or plastic-based and are designed to absorb some shock. However, you will not totally eliminate cracking if the tremor is severe. Consult... Read More
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