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  1. Stain in granite Q. I have a stain around a hand soap dispenser on my granite countertop. It is a dark grey in color. Approximately 1" wide. It appears when hole was cut in granite to make room for a hand soap dispenser, it was not properly sealed. The stain is eithe... Read More
  2. How do I care for my newly installed floors? The best thing to have done to a brand-new polished stone floor is a detailing job by a properly trained janitor, or a professional stone refinisher. Detailing means deep-cleaning the floor virtually square inch by square inch, removing all possible... Read More
  3. I have a travertine dining room table. What should I do to seal it and how should I clean it? Q. I have a travertine dining room table. What should I do to seal it and how should I clean it?Regarding sealing Travertine, check first to see if you require sealing of your travertine by spilling some clean fresh water on it for 5 minutes. If it d... Read More
  4. Where can I find information about caring for my stone? Q. Where can I find information about caring for my stone?A. You can always count on to be a source for information on caring for your marble, travertine, granite, onyx, limestone and other natural stone. You may also want to... Read More
  5. How do I protect and maintain my calcutta gold stone? I am going to recommend that you read our Stone Care Guide. It is a comprehensive guide that you will want to read and keep on hand and covers everything from routine cleaning to sealing to stain management and resolving any problems you ma... Read More
  6. Can you please provide some definition of Sealer for Stone? Q. Can you please provide some definition of Sealer for Stone?A. Excellent question! For starters, when referring to stone, the word sealer is wrong. Well, technically it is not, but the reason why I said that it is wrong is because sealers for ston... Read More
  7. How to remove burn mark on marble Q. We have marble / granite tiled floors and unfortunately a rug smoldered overnight and this has left scorch marks. Is there any remedy that isn't as drastic as replacing the now hard to find tiles? A. The good news is chances are it can be fi... Read More
  8. Why are my marble walls turning white in my shower and how do I clean them? Q: We purchased and had some beautiful light tan/beige marble installed on our master bathroom floor, 42" glass enclosed (2sides) shower walls and tub enclosure. After five years, where we attempted to keep the shower walls clean, there is a tre... Read More
  9. I am building a new house and would like to use some type of stone for my kitchen countertops. Is marble or granite best? Both marble and granite can be used for a kitchen countertops but each has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, marble is available in an unlimited number of colors. The down side is that it scratches very easily and is sensitive to ac... Read More
  10. Essential Questions to Ask Your Fabricator How to Select Your Granite CountertopsESSENTIAL QUESTIONS TO ASK YOUR STONE FABRICATORWhen people are planning on getting new natural stone countertops and ask me what the most important things they will need to know about stone care, ... Read More
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