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  1. remove travertine tiles Q. I have to do a repair around a jetted tub set in 12" travertine tile landing. All the tiles are set in grout. Is there a way to dissolve the grout & save the tiles? Thanks, Tom--A. Hi Tom, There is a risk factor involved with this task. O... Read More
  2. My honed black granite looks streaky, ( from sealer application). How do I remove the sealer or do I need to re-sand the stone? Q. My honed black granite looks streaky, (from sealer application). How do I remove the sealer or do I need to re-sand the stone? A. You may have to call in a stone restoration pro on this. But try this first: Pour some acetone (the kind you get in ... Read More
  3. What is the average cost for stone restoration? Q. What is the average price for stone restoration?   A. There are so many variables that will factor into the equation that it would be impossible to answer with any blanket statement. Does the surface need to be ground? Honed? Polished? Is it ... Read More
  4. Possible silicone stain on Blue Macauba slab Q: We made a Blue Macauba conferance table out of 2cm slab. We installed 3/4" plywood on the back of the table with clear silicone spots. This table was in our shop for over a month before we crated it up to ship across the country. The owner ended u... Read More
  5. Safety of Shark Steam Mop on Stone Floors Q. Can I use a [Shark Steam Mop] to safely clean my new granite & marble floors? A. Yes, you should not have any problem with the Shark Steam Mop. Just make sure there is no metal or plastic touching the stone since it could s... Read More
  6. Marble Stairs Need Slip Treatments For Safety Q. The church stairs in our sanctuary are visually difficult for our aging population, and we want to install something that will prevent fall hazards but be more asthetically pleasing than black grit tape. The sanctuary is designed with a total six... Read More