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How do I remove the toothpaste stain from my marble vanity?
Viewed 8003 times since Wed, Jan 20, 2010
Q: I have a toothpaste stain on my marble vanity top in my bathroom. Do you suggest your product for removing this type of stain and can you give me any additional advice on applying a poultice to marble? A: To remove toothpaste stains from... Read More
How To Remove Vinegar Stains On Natural Stone
Viewed 7401 times since Wed, Nov 18, 2015
Q. I put extremely microwaved hot vinegar and water on my natural stone and let it sit there, thinking it would clean it, but it discolored the stone badly. I imagine the only answer is to replace those tiles. What are your thoughts?  ... Read More
How do I remove a plumbers putty stain from my marble countertop?
Viewed 6181 times since Fri, Jan 29, 2010
Q: Looks like my installer got plumbers putty on my brand new unsealed natural stone sink, leaving spots or smudges. Any way to remove therm?A: They can be removed with a technique called poulticing. You will need to use a strong solvent such as... Read More
How to Remove Residual Acid Cleaner
Viewed 3016 times since Sat, Sep 8, 2012
Q. We installed a marble shower wall, and the contractor used an acid to clean it. We had it professionally repolished, but it keeps getting etched after we take a shower. What’s causing the etching and how do we correct it? A. If you... Read More
How to Remove Fruit Stain on Granite
Viewed 2492 times since Wed, Sep 2, 2015
Q. We have a stain on our granite top caused by a bag of peaches. The bag leaked and caused a stain in the granite. What do we use to make a mix to remove the stain? A. The discoloration on your granite... Read More
How to Remove White Powdery Substance On Coquina Tile
Viewed 2190 times since Tue, Nov 3, 2015
Q. I just bought a house with coquina tile that has not been cleaned in decades. We contracted a limestone expert (after interviewing 4 companies, 2 of which were not familiar with what coquina tile was) to clean them. They ground the floor and then... Read More
White Marble turning Yellow
Viewed 2183 times since Wed, Jan 6, 2010
Q: Hi. I have applied a poultice of DE and iron out to white marble to try to remove the iron. Where do you purchase a chelating agent that is to follow? A:  If the iron out works than a chealting agent would not be needed. ... Read More
How to Clean Motor Oil from Driveway Pavers
Viewed 2145 times since Wed, Nov 18, 2015
Q. A parked car on our driveway apparently leaked oil onto the pavers. What product can I use to remove it, or do they need to be replaced? A. More often than not, dirty pavers can be cleaned and restored to like new condition for a... Read More
stone bathroom tile
Viewed 2008 times since Mon, Sep 28, 2009
Q: I cleaned soap scum off a stone tile shower with vinegar and it made white marks and streaks all over the shower walls. I can remove the sealer with cleaner but the white marks are still there. How do I fix it? A: If your shower is... Read More
How to Remove Red Candle Wax from Granite
Viewed 1663 times since Mon, Oct 10, 2016
Q. My granite has a red candle wax stain. What is the best way to remove the stain? A. Dyes can be extremely difficult to remove, especially the red and orange colors. The dye in the wax will need a solvent to remove the stain. Clean the area... Read More
How to Remove Sandstone Fireplace Caulk Stain
Viewed 1333 times since Wed, Oct 28, 2015
Q. I have a sandstone fireplace from the 80s; the previous owners had a fireplace screen door on it and they caulked around the door onto the stone. I removed the fireplace screen door and caulk, but it left a stain that I can't remove. I have used a... Read More
What To Do About White Marble Floor Turning Yellow
Viewed 1211 times since Wed, Sep 2, 2015
Q. We just recently had a white marble installed on our bathroom floor and just noticed the section that is getting no sun from our window (it is being blocked from our tub deck) is yellow. It does have a heating system installed under it. Do you... Read More
How to Remove White Build-up on Marble
Viewed 1095 times since Fri, Apr 7, 2017
Q. I have an (intentionally) distressed marble seat in my shower. After years of use, there is a build up of white on top of it. How do I get ride of it? Thanks. A. White residue on the top of stone can be attributed to... Read More
How to Remove a PVE Oil Stain On Natural Stone
Viewed 904 times since Thu, May 18, 2017
Q. One of our AC repair techs accidentally dripped an oil called PVE (polyvinylether) on a client's natural stone. The stone was already there when the clients bought the home, so they aren't sure what kind of stone it is, but we can tell... Read More
How to Remove Discoloration Caused by Hair Oil
Viewed 405 times since Mon, Nov 13, 2017
Q. I have a brand-new bathroom stone vanity and my daughter put her
 Argan Moroccan hair oil on it (there is a ring where the oil is). What is
 the best way to remove it? Should I use a de-greaser with a poultice,
 just a... Read More
Furniture polish on a limestone hearth
Viewed 227 times since Tue, Aug 21, 2018
Q. How do get the stain from furniture polish to come up? We used Scott’s liquid gold and accidentally ended up with a ring on the limestone hearth. A. These type of stains can be difficult to remove. You will need to use a poultice with a strong... Read More
Can Dye Be Removed From the Limestone
Viewed 221 times since Tue, May 15, 2018
Q. Our limestone fountain is dyed on special occasions. The purple dye is penetrating the limestone at the bottom of the wall. How can the purple dye be removed from the limestone? I have tried acid and chlorine. Any suggestions? A.... Read More
Removing candle wax stain on natural stone
Viewed 219 times since Tue, Aug 28, 2018
Q. Wax from a citronella candle spilled onto my outdoor natural stone bench. Please advise on a remedy to remove this. A. Candle wax can present a few issues. The candle wax that has melted onto the surface and into the pores of the stone and will... Read More
Removing grease from sandstone countertop
Viewed 139 times since Wed, Sep 12, 2018
Q. We had a beige sandstone counter top installed for an outdoor kitchen. It is sanded smooth and was sealed with a sealer (don‘t know what kind just said Sealer on the can) about 3 coats. Some was spilled on our manufactured patio pavers which we... Read More
How to remove coffee stains from new granite countertops
Viewed 132 times since Thu, Aug 9, 2018
I have new carpet and it got coffee stains. Please help me guide on how to remove coffee stains from my new carpet ? Read More
How to remove stain on bathroom stone tiles
Viewed 88 times since Mon, Oct 8, 2018
Q. I hired a cleaner and she used limeaway with mold control from Clorox. And it appeared to have left white stains in my bathroom stone tiles. These don‘t wash away with water. What should I do? A. Unfortunately, this is not a stain that you... Read More